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Indoor Climbing WALL

Bouldering has grown rapidly in the last few years and it's easy to see why.

For anyone new to bouldering, it is a form of  free climbing performed on lower walls (no higher than 4.5m) to those used by rope climbers.


There is matting beneath the walls, as ropes and harnesses are not used for bouldering. This makes it a super easy sport to get into, as all you need is yourself, some chalk and shoes to participate.  If you haven't bouldered or climbed before, start now, take part in our 'induction to bouldering' class and then you're free to boulder and learn alongside your fellow bouldering friends.

Opening hours

  • Monday- Closed

  • Tuesday - Closed

  • Wednesday - 2pm-9pm

  • Thursday - 2pm-9pm

  • Friday - 2pm-9pm

  • Saturday - 10-6pm

  • Sunday - 10-4pm

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