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We love our food, and everything food brings to the table (literally). It brings families together, it gives couples that moment of stillness to talk and friends a little culinary adventure to remember and cherish. 


We love trying and perfecting recipes from across the globe and in 2021 we are taking the next step and going all out . Wild Lakes will be home to an unforgettable, uniquely rustic and  scrumptiously mouth-watering menu and cafe area for you to enjoy come rain or shine, sunrise or sunset. 


We feely very lucky to have an award winning Chef (Ian) on board with us, we can't speak highly enough of the amazing food he creates everyday...... once you've tried it you'll know what we mean. 

But, for all you tea and cake lovers out there, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. You will still find mountains of cakes that almost rival the Preselis, plus locally sourced loose leaf teas, freshly ground coffees and unbeatable hot chocolates.


We're dog friendly too, and we won't judge if your furry friend is your pal on your culinary experience.  

Our menu is regularly updated to stay in tune with what's fresh and available locally. But to give you an idea of what you'll get to enjoy here please see our sample menu below.