One off session


If you just want to climb then we've got you covered........ follow the link below to book your session. 

For 'one-off session pass' prices please see below. 

Please see conditions of use before booking



One off Session Pass

Adult 18+ £9 

Registered Competent Climber - unsupervised


Adult Novice Climber - Require supervision from a registered competent climber

U18's £7

Ages 14-17: can climb as either a registered competent climber on their own or with a supervising adult on the matt.


Ages 7 – 13: Must always have supervising adult on the matt with them at a ratio of 1:2. 

If you are new to bouldering then we recommend coming along to one of our Intro Sessions where one of our friendly instructors will start you on your climbing journey.

Supervising Registered Adult 18+



Supervisor ratio is 1 registered competent climber to 2 novice climbers maximum

Important information

  • Registration for adult competent climbers can only be completed in-house. 

  • To register youth competent climbers, please contact us . The youth climber will need to be signed off by a member of staff before climbing, this must be pre arranged and depends on availability.