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Hands on the Climbing Wall

Why Learn with us?

Our bouldering wall is purpose built and is Pembrokeshires only centre dedicated to bouldering.

We set our routes with all our climbers in mind. There is plenty of choice for all levels to explore.


We have a team of avid climbers and love sharing their passion with others. 

Our 'introduction to bouldering' will ensure you have a great grasp of all the basics, from wall etiquette, to safety and techniques. 

Rock Climbing Indoors

Whether you have just completed our 'introduction to bouldering' or are already a competent climber there is always room to progress. 

We will regularly reset our routes to keep you on your toes and your brains challenged. 

As a team we work hard to ensure we have an active community at Wild Lakes. Ensuring all participants feel supported and encouraged in their sporting growth. 

Alongside this our staff will always be on hand for handy tips. 

Boy Climbing a Wall

Bouldering is amazing for your body and mind. It challenges your problem solving skills, and you'll require  strength, technique, power, balance and, most importantly, your brain to progress!


No matter your current fitness level, you will be able to boulder and move at your own pace.

Offering a safe and welcoming space to encourage a community of climbers in epic surroundings.

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Wild Lakes is open to everyone, whether you're into watersports, the outdoors, bouldering, yoga, swimming, coffee, dogs, walking, cycling or just general merriment; you will find it here. 

We run weekly events to get everyone together and love to see our community grow year on year.


Don't miss out ,we love meeting new faces and getting to know the people that make running the wake park possible and worth while. 

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering has grown rapidly in the last few years and it's easy to see why.

For anyone new to bouldering, it is a form of  free climbing performed on lower walls (no higher than 4.5m) to those used by rope climbers. There is matting beneath the walls, as ropes and harnesses are not used for bouldering. This makes it a super easy sport to get into, as all you need is yourself, some chalk and shoes to participate.  If you haven't bouldered or climbed before, start now, take part in our 'induction to bouldering' class and then you're free to boulder and learn alongside your fellow bouldering friends. 

introduction to Bouldering


Who is this for?

If you are new to bouldering or a novice climber looking for more guidance then this is the lesson for you.  The lesson is suitable for everyone aged 7+, if you want to learn more about bouldering or want to provide more guidance to your children whilst supervising. 

How many people can partake in an introduction to bouldering lesson?

Lessons will run with a maximum of 10 participants to one instructor. All sessions must be pre-booked. 

What will I learn?

You will be introduced to the world of bouldering and the facilities at Wild Lakes. Our qualified staff will provide advice on climbing,  introduce you to the best safety practices and make sure you receive plenty of hints and tips for get the most out of the bouldering wall. You'll finish your lesson confident in your knowledge base and eager to continue the journey. 


What do I need to bring?

Yourself, a smile, you should be wearing tightly fitting clothes suitable for exercising in. Climbing shoes are included in the cost of your lesson. Socks must be worn with climbing shoes, if you forget you can purchase them on-site. 

 How long is the lesson?

This lesson is 1 hour long. You will need to arrive 30 minutes before the start of your lesson to check-in and organise equipment. 






How much is the Lesson?

The 'Introduction to Bouldering' is £20 per person. 

Book 4 people onto the lesson and receive 10% discount!

Registered Climbers prices

A registered climber has completed their registration at Wild Lakes and has either completed our 'introduction to bouldering' or is already a competent climber and therefore able to climb without supervision

(dependant on age).

One off Sessions Pass

Adult £9

Child (under 16) £7

Bulk Buys


Bulk Buy 10 sessions - £81


Bulk Buy 10 - £63


Coming Soon!

 What is a registered competent climber?

By registering, you confirm your competence and that you understand and accept the risks, and agree to abide by the ‘Conditions of Use’ and ‘The Rules’ involved in your participation. A competent climber is able to climb unsupervised by staff at Wild Lakes. Unsupervised climbing is just that, staff will provide whatever help and advice they can, but formal instruction  will only be provided when booked and paid for.


What is a novice climber?

Should you not be competent, you must not attempt to use the facilities without the supervision of someone who is competent and signed off to that effect. Anyone not registered is deemed a novice and must not take part in any climbing activity without supervision.

What is supervised climbing?

An adult (18+) registered competent climber can supervise up to 2 novices at any one time as long as they are prepared to take full responsibility for the safety of those people. We recommend that children under the age of 10 are supervised on a one-to-one basis. 

For more information please see our FAQ's page.