what's new for 2021?

New year, New brand, more activities, but same US!

What a journey it has been. From opening our doors as Pembrokeshire Wake park in June 2017, to becoming home to Wales’ First Aqua Park in 2018 and winning family business of the year in Wales 2019. Now, we’re excited to announce the next step of our journey...

But this time with a new name, brand and plenty of additions. The REALLY GOOD news is that it’s still us three. Yup, just Sarah, Mark, Steph & the beloved dogs. Still no corporate fluff. 

So say hello to WILD LAKES WALES where you’ll find the ‘Home of Welsh Adventure’ and the BEST news is… this is just the beginning.

Why Wild?

There’s a few reasons. When creating a new logo and brand name it’s super tricky. Originally we created Pembrokeshire Wake Park for the easy reason that we were located in Pembrokeshire and… you guessed it we were building a WAKE PARK, haha! But we can’t knock it, it has after all gotten us to where we are today. 

If we look back on the challenge we set ourselves it was pretty WILD, not to mention the wilderness that surrounds us at the park, overlooking the Preselis and national park and the amount of habitats we’ve created by digging a lake (don’t worry kids, no sharks yet!) .


But, the main reason is that we want our adventure to be yours too! We want visitors to realise that Wild Lakes is a place for everyone to unleash their WILD, whatever that version is. If your wild is trying a different flavour tea, jumping off the highest point of the Aqua park or getting strapped into a wakeboard and standing up for the first time then so be it! Let’s enjoy being Wild and adventurous together!


Still have no idea what's new for 2021?

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