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‘It looks too hard! I’ll never be able to do that”...That’s not an excuse anymore!.

Follow our 10 TOP TIPS for beginner wakeboarders and you will be up and riding in no time.

Here are our 10 TOP TIPS and (not to blow our own trumpet) but… PWP pretty much guarantees that you will be up and riding in our beginner lesson.

Step 1

First things first and it’s pretty simple, well we think so anyway. BOOK YOURSELF IN. (When we're open of course!)

Yes, believe it, this is one of the steps but a pretty vital one. Sign up and BOOK your beginners lesson package.

We will be reopening 1st May, but the booking system will be active in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled for a social media update.

We always recommend booking as the park gets pretty busy, especially with all these return customers who become hooked. (Trumpet blowing)

Secondly, turn up on the day half an hour BEFORE your first session with a smile on your face and be raring to go.

Bring with you, your swimwear, a towel and wetsuit. If you don’t have a wetsuit, do not worry. All equipment including a wetsuit is included. Get checked in on arrival & we’ll hand you all the kit you need.

Once changed you’ll be met under the stretch tent by one of our instructors. Here’s where the fun begins. After a couple of essential safety instructions, your in-depth dry land lesson will begin!

Step 2

The instructor will ask you if you kick a ball with your left or right foot. Or if you have a preferred lead leg. All you need to answer is LEFT OR RIGHT. Super simple.

Step 3

Next, our instructor will show you “The Water Start Position”

This basically means the first shape they want to see in the water or if ever you let go of the handle whilst riding, always refer back to the “The Water Start Position”.

What is this? Imagine you’re a football! Sit on the floor, tuck your feet to your ankles but keep them shoulder-width apart so your arms can fit between your legs, allowing your chest to come forward, so your hands are between your feet.

Step 4

From here, the cable will slowly start to pull you up (in this case it’ll be the instructor reenacting the cable- with a handle). Allow the cable to do the work, don’t resist! Basically, you’ll hear a lot of “Arms straight”, “Legs bent”.

You’ll feel yourself rock up on top of the board into a frog/base position, your feet flat on top of the board, your bum low, bent legs, arms straight and chest up!

Step 5

Once you’re in the low base/frog position and on a flat board, it’s time to slowly start rising. Maintain those straight arms and begin to rise into a squat (feel the burn, it’s real and it’s worth a hot chocolate in the cafe at the end). The board will stay horizontal, this is called the JOCKEY. Imagine you’re sat in a saddle holding onto reigns and you’ve pretty much got it!

Step 6

Here’s where the magic happens.

The riding position.

Bring the lead leg (whichever feels most natural) slowly towards the handle, whilst you pull the handle towards the chosen hip. Careful not to go too fast as we want all of your weight to stay in the centre of the board.

Step 7

Keep looking up, maintain an upright chest and most importantly straight arms and bent legs, pushing your knees out. WALAH! You’re ready.

Step 8

Ensure no family members have cameras & strut your way to the water. We’ll grab the board and help you get your feet strapped into the bindings.

Step 9

Reenact everything you did on land in the water. Hey presto, we’ll make a pro out of you in no time.

Step 10

Trust the instructor! They have full speed and directional control at all times and with our recon controls, they can walk up and down beside the lake with you. So go ahead, ask questions whilst riding!

Our beginner lessons include a 1 x 15 minute Dry Land lesson, 2 x 15-minute one-to-one lessons on the water and all equipment! We guarantee to get you up and riding AND you’ll receive a certificate of achievement showing how far you’ve progressed.

Use your first 15 minutes to get the hang of it and your second lesson can be refining your newly learnt skills… maybe even some corners!

Don’t put it off any longer. We’re waiting to make a pro out of you.

We’ve even got a The Southern Cable series National Competition at the Park in the summer if you fancy it?




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