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Are you open yet?

Yikes! Is it that time already? Like many places in Pembrokeshire we’re part of the ‘seasonal’ businesses too right who wants to ride in a near frozen lake? I mean, we’re adrenaline seekers but ones who like to keep warm - hence the availability of dry robes, heaters, hot showers and blankets at the park. You get my drift?

Our season falls from the end of March to the end of November and whilst we still get the keen beans who want to ride longer and try to persuade us, we have so much to do during our winter months that without a break.. There wouldn’t be a season to return to.

This winter has consisted of a holiday each (we even went our separate ways this year) a cafe expansion & new branding (@wildlakescafe), a new building which will be used as our new reception and wetsuit room, a brand spanking new entrance, new members of staff recruited, new menus, a small car park extension, a bigger coffee machine (silent wooo!), repainting and lifting of the aqua park containers, new club house colours (our poor Mum has not put down the paintbrush)... the list goes on so i’ll stop there and you can see for yourselves.

The winter has been interesting with what feels like the most storms in history, hail, snow, sun… you name it we had it and also felt it whilst trying to continue working outside no matter the weather.

We unofficially ‘officially’ open on Saturday March 28th, hopefully the weather will have made up it’s mind by then. The Wake Park & Cafe will be open Wednesday, Friday and the weekends to start. The Aqua Park (yes, it's a different thing) will be reopening in May.

This year we’ve got a couple of new packages and options, so don’t forget to check them out on our website. Not to mention our memberships for wakeboarding - definitely worth a check, what’s not to love about becoming a PWPer?

Last but not least, because it’s always worth a reminder. You’ll forever be in our good books for following and promoting our pages.





Pembrokeshire Wake Park

Wild Lakes Cafe & Bar

We’re really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things this year. Faces old & new, doggies old and new and anyone/anything else who comes along - welcome back!

Sarah, Mark & Steph

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