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Ever wondered what we did before the Park opened?

If you’ve ever wondered who runs Wild Lakes Wales or what crazy person would dig a lake in Martletwy, then firstly congrats you’re definitely reading the correct blog. Secondly, the Harris Clan are the siblings who decided Martletwy is where dreams are made a reality (who needs Disney).

The Harris Clan consists of Sarah, Mark and Stephanie (annoyingly for Sarah that is in age order). Of course, they have parents and they actually have an older sister, but she is what we would call the ‘sensible one’. We had all left Pembrokeshire for University, obtaining degrees in Podiatry, Sports and Social Sciences and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. But Pembrokeshire was always home and we wanted to give back to a community that had equally given us so much growing up.

We’ve always been into our sports from gymnastics and ballet to rugby, netball, snowboarding, downhill biking and kitesurfing. You name it, we’ve probably tried it, if there is one thing in our genes it is a certain gung-ho attitude to new experiences. We felt very fortunate being able to experience and learn new sports with coaches who wanted to share their passion and ensure youngsters of Pembrokeshire could positively participate in a sport.

Acknowledging the coaches and volunteers who introduced us to sports, supported our development and went above and beyond to ensure the sporting facilities were available in the county; these people that inspired Wild Lakes Wales creation. Their love for sports is the reason we wanted to build the latest facilities, (one of only two Wake Parks in Wales) and share our passion for sports, water and the outdoors with the future generations of Pembrokeshire.

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