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Happy Mother’s day!

The reason we are where we are today.

The magic of Mother’s. Yes, this blog is solely dedicated to our Mum (Sorry, but she really is a legend) because when else is the perfect time to shout about our Mum but on Mother’s day - a bit cliche if you ask us... But here goes!

Our Mum - the unsung hero.

You’ve probably seen her around the park or heard a Scottish voice in the distance. You may wonder why Bryn & Dewi go crazy when she arrives at the park (because Mum literally brings a new pack of treats on each visit). You may have familiarised yourself with her as your lecturer in Pembrokeshire College, or as a teacher's assistant in your primary school. She could have been your Sister on a ward in Glasgow. Or Mum may have been your Haverfordwest gymnastics coach many moons ago. She could’ve been your local corner shop/ post office lady (far fetched but if you lived in Penffordd about 26 years ago then who knows!) You may have even seen her dressed in many fancy dress costumes, apologies again to the AA driver who had to rescue our Mum dressed as a Christmas tree (flashing lights and all!) in the snow about 10 years ago!

I guess what we’re trying to say is that our Mum is

1. Very Scottish;

2. Loves fancy dress;

3. Can turn her hand to many things;

4. The best;

5. Has the patience of a saint!

This is just a little appreciation blog to say thanks to ALL the Mums out there who give up their time and probably sanity to bring up their kids and drop all at their beck and call.

Our Mum, known to many as Ann Harris numerous times has been the saviour of the day. Often during the initial build when we had no shelter, heating or water she would bring out flasks of hot tea and lunch to keep us going and more often than not also get stuck in the mud. Mum is always seen busy doing something, if it’s not taking the neighbour to a doctors appointment or making her famous meringues for a charity event then she’s probably at the wake park with a paintbrush in hand helping us finish our latest project or rushing to the shops for milk when its an SOS situation and we’ve run out in the cafe!

You know, having the best Mum doesn’t come without it’s red-faced moments when mum has often described the Wake Park as a ‘Wave’ park or struck up a conversation with a stranger about how it all came together or how she would always be the last parent to pick us up from a school event (yes, we were those children!) or driving around pembs with antlers and a red nose on her car even though Christmas was 6 months ago! (Yes, that’s our Mum, but we wouldn't change her!)

Whatever it is, our Mum is always there. Often, customer’s do not get to see what goes on during wintertime and the hard work that’s ahead but if there’s one person you can always count on to be there, old clothes at the ready and armed with all the stuff you need it’s Ann Harris whether it’s 6am or 11pm. Mum expects nothing more but simply a decaf, half shot, skinny cappuccino, extra choc in return (but at least she doesn't have to bring the hot flasks of water out anymore!)

So Mum, here to you. Thank you, diolch, tapadh leat (that’s actually thanks in Gaelic for anyone interested! Well, I hope it is anyway!) and THANK YOU to all the Mums, especially those who bring their kids to the park, haha! Without you, many of us wouldn’t be who we are today.

Have a wonderful day and kids, go put the kettle on!

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