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Paid with a poem.

Success and customer enjoyment are on the top of our list here at Wild Lakes. Though everyone measures their own success differently, if you’re leaving with a smile on your face or you’re about to go and have a sip of your coffee in our cafe post-ride and have a little chuckle about a face plant you took earlier, then that’s good enough for us!

All abilities join us at the park and we’re ready for all of them. Often wakeboarding is seen as a male-dominated sport that looks ‘really hard’ but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Wakeboarding is one of the worlds fastest growing water sports FOR ALL! One of our main reasons for opening up the cables in the first place was to make it more accessible for everyone. With our one to one coaching, upward pull and tailored control, we’re sure you’ll have a good time!

Many parents come down to the park, some soak up the atmosphere whilst watching their children master a new sport or learn a new trick and others… well, others decide that they want their share of the fun too!

A certain parent (who has now basically become family) gave wakeboarding a go at the end of our 2019 season after her sons became regulars at the park and she hasn’t looked back since! Even hitting the ramps and rails we have on offer.

How awesome did this make us feel? Pretty darn awesome. But what’s even better than a smiling face? A POEM!!! Yes, this particular parent even wrote us a poem to sum up the end of season at the park and we couldn’t feel more honoured.

“Here is a little ditty from this old bird

About my foray into the wakeboarding world.

Wetsuit, bindings, board, helmet and jacket

Ok im ready let me at it.

Kickers, box, heel and toe side

Then they go on about a board slide!

Whole new language i'm starting to learn

While my arms are feeling the burn.

Ollies, 360s, tantrums and s bends

All this they talk about sending?

Josh and Harry have it licked

I just keep getting dipped.

Pembs wake park are the best

I've surely put their patience to the test.

Mark, Steph and Sarah too

Not forgetting Bryn and Dewi the canine crew.

Stefan also is a star

best part-time cable operator by far.

Must mention the food is scrummy

You really need to treat your tummy.

Atmosphere is chilled and friendly

Other borders are always kindley.

Skilled or novice they don't care

they are just happy to see you there.

Well here I am now at the end of the season

It really is very addictive for some reason.

So now I must hang up all the kit to dry

And hope that time really does fly.”

And if that didn’t make you shed a tear, we don’t know what will! Receiving such positive experiences means the absolute world to us and we are here purely to give you the best experience possible (that’s the aim anyway!). Whether you’re strapping into a wakeboard, jumping off the aqua park or visiting the cafe, it's super important to us. “Skilled or novice they don't care

they are just happy to see you there” for us, this sentence is the absolute nail on the head.

What are you waiting for? Come and join in the fun this summer at our family-run business, where there’s always room for laughter, community and a good time… Oh and more dogs, if you’ve got one - all the better!





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