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Recycle, reuse & reimagine.

We often find ourselves with random upcycle projects that we’ve no experience of doing before, but that’s all the fun right?!

There’s also something pretty magical about getting something old or used and transforming it into something that can be enjoyed and given purpose again.

For us, this trend started many moons ago when we initially did the Wake Park build in 2016/17. Actually... it started many MANY moons ago, as kids we often went round the garage seeing what we could build or put together. Mark becoming the mechanic he is, always had a flare for problem-solving, often, with Steph being the test dummy. Sarah, even at that age, would provide the health & safety aspect, whilst Steph was strapped to a bike that had one full wheel combined with a skateboard wheel at the back and a motorised engine. Fortunately, she’s still alive to tell the tale and we can assure you it’s much more emphasised now about ‘how her young life flashed before her eyes’. Many of these stories & upcycles included cuts, bruises and broken bones but that’s what childhood is about right? Especially with siblings.

The flare for upcycling has remained a strong one, with our most recent challenge (not another one!) being a 20ft container that was previously used to carry cargo on ships. A bright yellow on, in fact!

We’d discussed the idea of using our original kitchen or extending it further into the why take the easy route?

Instead, the 3 of us thought ‘Aye, an old shell of a container will do!’.

Low and behold, here we are 3 weeks in and very nearly almost finished.

Our most recent container purchase will become home to our new kitchen and will be a busy one! As the main kitchen, it’ll be full of treats & delicious dishes for anyone who passes our door. The container will join onto our two tipis so the gorgeous smells will waft through.

Sometimes it’s great to start with an empty shell, other times it’s daunting to see how much work there is to do but more often than not, it is worth it in the end. We began the container conversion by batoning & insulating, cut the serving hatch out and then laid the floor. Followed by the world's most frustrating job of trying to fit huge sheets of plastic and steel behind each trim...we don’t mean just a few sheets- these sheets cover, walls and ceiling. Now we thank our lucky stars it was only a 20ft container not 40ft as once one side is in the other pops out and so on.

We’re now almost at the completion stage. Just the electrics to be wired into the mains, plumbing to be fitted and equipment to go in. We’re really looking forward to showing you the transformation pictures and even more excited to see it in action this summer as @Wildlakescafe&bar.

Even in unprecedented times, there’s always something to look forward to.

So, this summer if you’re wondering where to grab a bite to eat & watch some action on the water, fancy a cold one with a friend or just want to relax whilst sipping a cup of tea in a quiet corner then be our guest!

If there ever was a moral story to this would be -

Please don’t throw out anything you think has had its day because it’s 110% likely that the Harris’ will have a use for it!

Follow the progress on our social media channels, we may be upcycling something else very soon!



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