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Ok ok, so the cats got out the bag.

We are indeed building a bouldering wall. The biggest of our additions for 2021.

Why do you ask? Because why not! With covid hitting, it gave us some downtime (albeit it short, we couldn’t sit still for long) to put our thinking caps on and plan for the future. We always knew we wouldn’t stop purely at a wake park and over the 3 years operating this has become apparent with additions following year on year.

But with the park being shut and plenty of materials on-site from previous builds it was a ‘now or never’ moment to capitalise on the situation. As we do nearly all the work ourselves it provides us with more opportunity to do things how we want to and save money in the process!

Our ‘now or never’ moment has led us to add on the following activities for 2021 - some coming sooner than others.

  • Event tipis and full cafe/restaurant

  • Play area for children

  • Open water swimming

  • Yoga

  • A bouldering wall

  • NEW Aqua Park obstacle

We’re also currently in chats with The National park about one other little addition. But we’ll reveal once it’s set in stone.

It’s amazing to see our ideas come to life, what was an empty field now boasts some great activities in Pembrokeshire. What’s even better about our 2021 additions is that we’ve been able to offer more jobs and this year with our Cafe becoming an all year round affair alongside open water swimming, yoga and bouldering we’ve been able to offer our first full time jobs. A big wahooo moment for us three siblings.

We hope 2021 is a great success and see’s Pembrokeshire back on its feet. It’s a wonderful place and we really should shout about it as there’s so many wonderful businesses within the county.

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