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The man, the myth and the illustrating legend.

In the nick of time, Henry came to save the day for our planned rebrand on January 1st 2021.

Before beginning to read the rest of the blog, go follow him @late2wenty because his work is pretty cool. With flare, Henry can take your ideas and make them an even better reality.

Watching him draw and create is impressive, he’s super quick and can identify all the little details to really make the logo/illustration stand out.

We’re not the easiest customers, especially being three siblings you can imagine we all have ideas. But Henry pulled all the stops out and literally within days had a finished product for us. The odd few changes or add ons discussed and a fresh illustration was back to us within hours.

We wanted our main logo to be simple and fine-lined so it was easily transferable onto paper, van decals, leaflets etc. But, that’s where we also decided that having an additional illustration showing in depth what we really do and that’ll look awesome on merchandise would be a good idea. Best of both worlds.

We wanted this illustration to mirror the instant view you get when you arrive at the park and be full of warm colours and action.. We think Henry did a pretty good job of it and are already getting it printed onto new merchandise with @oldeltons in Tenby!

We’re super excited this year to continue to work alongside Henry in creating other bits and bobs. We’re currently working on a site map and want to maybe offer a few different versions of logos/illustrations on merchandise this year because when you have a friend that’s sooooo talented why not!?

Fingers crossed that you’ll be able to browse Henry’s work in our shop this year post or pre wakeboard. Ensure you grab a bite to eat & cuppa at the same time.

Site map to be revealed soon.

Keep a watch out.



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