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"What the blumin’ hell is a wake park? How do you spell it? How does it work? That seems hard!"

If we had a pound for every person who’s questioned the word ‘Wake’ we’d probably be sitting in the Caribbean somewhere right now sipping on a classic Pina Colada.

But unfortunately, the pounds were not paid, however, the questions were still asked.. over and over again. Unlike England who have numerous Wake Parks, some of which are leading in the UK & Europe, Wales has just two.

Yes, just two! One in North Wales (Glasfryn) and the other, you guessed it being US!

Throughout our planning stages, initial marketing or discussions with potential customers there always seemed to be a grey area when explaining, firstly, why we were digging a lake and where the word ‘Wake’ or even sport of ‘wakeboarding’ comes into it.

Subsequently, since opening the question is asked less and less. We still get the odd bit of confusion… but once you see the cables in action and wakeboarders on the water it’s like a eureka moment!

What’s the best question of curiosity ever asked?

When we initially started the dig and put up our road signs we often had curious locals driving down to see what in fact a wake park was. But the BEST inquiry we’ve had was from an elderly couple who genuinely thought that we were a burial site that held ‘Wakes’.

So what’s the best way to describe what we do?

Imagine snowboarding but on a slightly wider board, now imagine water rather than snow and you’re halfway there! Unlike snowboarding which takes gravity and steep mountains into account, wakeboarding requires a tow, traditionally this is via a boat within the sea or a lake which ultimately creates the ‘wake’.

And NOW, to make it even more accessible and fun, cable wakeboarding systems have been invented! Wahoo! There are a few different types but we use the most common and easy - System 2.0. Which, basically means there’s two towers that the cable runs between in a straight line. The cable speed & direction is operated by a coach, so if you fall off the handle comes straight back to you, and if you’re a complete beginner or learning a new trick, then the operator will ‘drive’ the cable at a speed suited to your ability. THIS MEANS, easy and quick progression with smiles on faces at the end.

So next time someone asks what is a ‘Wake Park’ you’ve got all the answers! Knowledge is key.

Fancy learning more about our cable systems? Why not pop down for a cuppa and watch the action unfold when re-open? Or better, have a beginner lesson with us? We’re pretty certain we can get you hooked on one of the fastest-growing watersports!

Keep up to date via our social media for a re-opening date!



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