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What package best suits your lifestyle?

Got the bug for wakeboarding but not sure where to go next?

Customers often sit on the fence when choosing which package to go for.

Bulk buys and memberships are always the best way to ride and save money. Who doesn’t want to save a few quid whilst enjoying their time on the water?

Time to jump off the fence and worry no more. Here’s a breakdown of our membership & some of our bulk buys for 2021.


If you plan to become part of our extended family and take the title of Lady or Lord PWPer then here’s the deal for you.

Our membership adds all the little extras on.

This year we have TWO membership options and these will suit those who plan to ride from April all the way through our wakeboarding season until November. The credits get added to your account to use when you like, but during our peak season, we do limit members to two sessions a day max.

Type numero uno = CADET

Type 2 = CAPTAIN

Grab your toothbrush, we’ll be your second home!

Now onto the bulk buys, our smaller bulk buys are for individual use only but our larger 25 of 50 session bulk buys can be used for an individual or shared between one family.

Depending which size bulk buy you choose, the sessions will get credited to your online account to book as and when you like… and if you run out of sessions it’s as easy as topping up with another bulk buy.

The bulk buys are purely the sessions, does not include obstacle boards or wetsuit and participants are not subject to a contract of 8 months like the membership.

So if you work away or not sure on your summer plans this gives you flexibility and don’t worry, if you don’t use all your sessions we’ll roll them into the following season, because we’re nice like that.

So bulk buys basically mean, cheaper riding without the monthly commitment & membership perks!

Bulk buys can be bought anytime during the season but membership sign up is from reopening in April, so don’t miss out on sign up in house!


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