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Where’s PWP and what have you done with it?

You know what? Some things DID get better during the pandemic. Don’t get us wrong, it was a tough and challenging year, with heartbreaking setbacks and sleepless nights, especially as 2020 was set to be our biggest year yet.

As a seasonal business it hit us hard, we had a total of only 71 days operating between the lockdowns and uncertainties. But whilst the curtains have been down, we’ve remained busy investing into our park.

The time has enabled us to firstly, do the jobs we quite happily never get round to (we’re still not ever plastering the ceiling though, haha!) but also reflect and look at our business in-depth and more importantly plan for a safer future.

Since opening in 2017 we’ve always been planning new ideas and adventures, we are entrepreneurs by nature not just by name. Each year brought new additions, some bigger than others but with a lot of graft behind the scenes that people often do not see. Winter projects are NOT the one, let me tell you.

But with the park being busy in the Summer, it leaves us no choice but to endure frozen gloves, wet socks, daily mud face masks and a sleeping bag as a coat. But, we do it all just for you… and we do it over and over again because that’s commitment!

And why do we do this to ourselves?

Well… it’s as simple as this! Without being on the forefront of new ideas and additions we’d become lost in translation, as a small family business it’s even more important to stand out in a crowd of corporate companies, we want to put Pembrokeshire on the map for all the RIGHT reasons.

This is why we’ve made the decision now (that’s been in the pipeline for a while) for a rebrand. Pembrokeshire Wake Park has served us well and was the stepping stone to get us to where we are today. We are now MORE than just a wake park with additions having been added (Cafe, & Aqua park) this year is no different and fingers crossed the next few years will see our full expansion come into place. Hence, we’ve now grown out of our initial brand and chosen the name WILD LAKES which we feel is more appealing and enticing for everyone.

Why WILD you ask?

We want visitors to realise that Wild Lakes is a place for everyone to unleash their WILD, whatever that version is. If your wild is trying a different flavour tea, going HP rather than ketchup, jumping off the highest point of the Aqua park, or getting strapped into a wakeboard and standing up for the first time then so be it!

Let’s enjoy being Wild and adventurous together!

We hope to see you on the other side of winter when the warm sun starts shining again, but for now, you can follow our progress through our social media channels and catch updates from there. We’ll be sure to post a reopening date soon!

Mark, Sarah, Steph, Bryn & Dewi!

Wild Lakes Wales



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