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Wild Lakes outing - checklist & common questions answered!

Okay, so you’ve just made one of the best decisions ever and booked an outing to Wild Lakes Wales, where we are home to your Welsh adventure.

Due to our numerous activities, it means you can choose what you want to do, how and when you do it.

We often get questions asked, most being very similar. The majority are written in our FAQ’s - but we thought it would be pretty handy to put together a little checklist for our two main activities!


What do I need to bring?

  1. Yourself (always handy)

  2. A wetsuit (if you have one or if the water is warm, you can just go in boardies/leggings etc)

  3. Swimwear

  4. Towel

  5. Flipflops


I've been wakeboarding before but I’m still a beginner, should I pick the beginner lesson?

If you haven’t ridden with us before, or you’re pretty new to the sport, we always recommend going for our beginner lesson as it includes all equipment (+wetsuit) and you get a full dry land lesson. But, all our sessions receive one to one coaching whether it’s on a package, membership or taster.

Can I hit the jumps?

Of course! ONLY IF you're at an obstacle standard. We love seeing everyone progress but it’s important to do it in a safe manner. We have a checklist of things a rider must be able to do before going on any of our features and this something our coaches can teach you!

How much is a wetsuit?

Only £3 and we have all sizes! You can sort these on the day, no need to pre-book.

Can I bring my own board?

Yup! We may check it over though. We often get a lot of boat riders or boards with fins which wouldn’t be suitable to hit our features.

If it’s a cable board then carry on!

Should I have a break in between sessions?

We always recommend a break, we understand 15 minutes doesn’t sound long but when it’s constant riding with very little breaks you will feel the burn! Most of our members take a 15 break -it’s tough work.

For beginners packages ( = 2 lessons) as much as we can we always push for the participant to have a break. It gives you some thinking time and also that much-needed break, we always see better progress if a break is taken.

What’re the requirements?

Minimum age is 8 years & be over 1.1m in height

All participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres unaided

Can you privately hire the wake park?

Absolutely! Drop us a message with your party number to see what we can do for you.


What do I need to bring?

  1. Again, it’s always great if you bring yourself!

  2. Swimwear

  3. A wetsuit if you have one

  4. Towel

  5. Flipflops

Do I need a wetsuit?

If you have your own and want to wear it then great. If you don’t own a wetsuit you can hire one on the day for £3pp. In the warmer weather, a wetsuit is not necessarily needed and shorts/t-shirt or leggings will do.

Do I need/can I wear shoes?

We recommend flip flops for walking around before/after your session but we do not allow any shoes when ON the aqua park unless they are wetsuit booties.

Do I have to be able to swim?

Absolutely yes! Although we want you to have fun, safety is our priority and the Aqua park lake is over 3m deep. We ask participants to be able to swim a minimum of 25metres unaided. We can always swim test!

What’re the requirements?

Minimum age is 6 years and minimum of 1.1m in height.

All participants MUST be able to swim 25 metres unaided.

Any children are or age between 6 and 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult (18+) IN the water. We work at a ratio of 1 adult to every 3 children.

Please ensure you have read our requirements properly before booking, disappointed faces are the last thing we want.

How many people are in a session and how long are they?

Our sessions run in groups of 30 and this is to include the child to adult ratio whether a private party or mixed group. Sessions run on the hour but participants get between 45-50minutes of pure fun on the Aqua Park.

How much is it for a 45-minute session?

Sessions are £12.50pp whether an adult or child and wetsuits are an additional £3 if needed. We always recommend booking in advance as any ‘walk in’ admissions are charged £15pp.

Can I drop my children off?

If they are 16 + then we do not require an adult on-site (but please ensure their waivers are signed beforehand). However, any children below 16 require an adult on-site with them at all times.

Do waivers have to be signed beforehand?

We really really HIGHLY recommend they are if you want a nice smooth process. All our waivers are done online and if booked as a party, the main lead of the party will be given a link to share to friends & family.

Can you privately hire the Aqua Park?

Of course! What better way to celebrate a birthday, hen or stag or even a staff do! Drop us a message to see our availability.

Anyway, before we get carried away, we hope that answers the majority of your questions. If you’re still looking for more answers head to our FAQ’s page on our website. We highly recommend pre-booking as during the summertime, we get very busy. All booking can be done online!

Keep up to date via our social media but we plan to re-open for the first week of MAY 2021!



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