Bouldering Wall

Progression Sessions

Whether you are new to the world of bouldering or an avid climber, there is always something new to learn or a tip or technique that might help progress your climbing. 


If you're looking to progress your climbing then this is the session for you.  Each session our instructors will select a different theme to focus on...... from route reading, strength building (head to toe) or body positioning such as heel hooks (the list goes on).  








When you add this package onto your Friday session, our instructors will ensure you will leave inspired for your next climb and with plenty of ideas to work on.




£14 non Members

£5 for Members

Fridays 6pm

(1st and 3rd Friday of every month)


Every Sundays 10AM

Available to adults 18+.

You must already be registered as a competent climber with us to access these sessions.