Wild Swim WALES
Run externally by Sue Christopher of Wild Swim Wales!

Wild Swim Wales has something to suit everyone:

Whether you’re a dipper in a woolly hat or wanting to swim for fitness,

a wetsuit wearer, a skins swimmer,

a seasoned sea lover or a slightly nervous newcomer. 

We're here for the big surf jumpers, the glassy calm water seekers,

the time chasers, event trainers,

and the new-be's eager to swim safely. 

Come join Sue and her team for the ultimate wild swimming experience.

From guided swims or the full coaching experience, Sue has over 20 years experience to share with you. 

With safety cover to help you feel confident and relaxed at all venues, you'll get the very best of Sue's cherry picked and wild locations. 

Want to know a little more about Wild Lakes?

The lakes here are man-made and naturally lined with clay. Our beautiful lake water is clean, safe, inviting and well aerated by the wakeboarders. We normally run an aqua park, wakeboarding or ringo rides on our lakes, but it seems a shame not to let the swimmers in on the fun too. 

Sue is currently able to offer a variety of session type, Sue takes all her own bookings and runs her sessions externally to Wild lakes. Please contact Sue directly. 

Booking link to Sue's website:


For more information please contact Sue directly as below, booking essential:

                     Facebook @wildswimwales                    Instagram @wildswim.wales