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Bouldering has grown rapidly in the last few years and it's easy to see why.​

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of free climbing performed on lower walls (no higher than 4.5m). There are no harnesses or ropes in bouldering, making it more accessible. You will find thick matting in a bouldering wall. 


This makes it a super easy sport to get into, as all you need is yourself, some chalk and shoes to participate.

Why Boulder?

There is an increasing body of evidence to the benefits of climbing.

They include physical, mental and social. 

Physical : Improve your cardiovasuclar endurance, strength, flexibility & balance. 

Mental : A visit to the gym can give you positive emotions, engagement with like-minded people, relationships, meaning, and a sense of achievement. Improve your memory, problem solving abilities & other cognitive abilities.

Social : Boost your confidence, the warm welcome a strong climbing community is something you are unlikely to find running on a treadmill or staring into a mirror as you monotonously lift free weights.

Min Age: 7


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INTROduction to Bouldering £20

We recommend an intro session for those with little to no experience of bouldering. You'll be amazed how much there is to learn and with with help from our friendly instructors you'll be safely guided into a new sport. 

Our intro lessons are 1.5 hours long and take you through all the basic of climbing you need know. These sessions are tailored to the group, so if the instructor see's you are doing they'll challenge you a little further. 


Shoe hire included!

One off Session

One off Pass / New Climber  £9+

One-off session passes are suitable for a range of climbing abilities & ages. 

No Fuss Climbing - Book, Sign Your Waiver & Climb!

Competent Adults 18+

If you have previous experience climbing or regularly boulder you can book a competent climber session and complete the relevant paperwork on arrival. 

Novice Adult 18+

If you do not have previous experience a competent adult climber must accompany you on the mat, maximum supervision ratio 1:2. Or  you can book onto our intro class to become competent. 

Adult Prices

£9 / £9.50 / £10

                                          1hr /     2hr   /   3hr


Kids one off pass £5+

Bouldering is a fantastic activity for children and is very accessible for all abilities. 

Under 18 climbers must be supervised as below;

  • Ages 14-17 can climb independently as a competent youth climber (must be experienced and complete in-house sign-off) or with a supervising adult on the mat.

  • Ages 7 – 13 must always have supervising adult on the mat with them at a ratio of 1:2. ( we advise 1:1 ratio if children are between 7-10 years old).

  • Ages 3 - 6 Little Rockers every Saturday 10am. Little Rockers must be supervised on a 1:1 basis. The 1 hour sessions cost £5 total for the child & their supervising adult. 

Supervising Adult (not climbing) £5  Supervising adults must take full responsibility for the safety of participants and complete the relevant paperwork. They must remain with the children at all times, but cannot supervise an adult climber.

Kids Prices


£7 /  £7.50 /  £8

                                          1hr /     2hr    /   3hr

Junior & youth clubs £10+

Let the Kids find their Wild in our youth and junior clubs!
These clubs are a great way for younger ones to progress climbing in a fun and social environment. Our fully instructed sessions will
 develop each participants climbing ability, incorporating fun games and challenges. 

Wednesday - 4:30pm - Juniors (7-13) / 6:00pm - Youth (14-17)

Thursday  - 4:00pm - Juniors (7-13) / 5:30pm - Youth (14-17)

Saturday - 10:00am - Junior

£10 a session with a 'Term Pass'

 £12.50 one off payment

Birthday party £20 pp

The ultimate way to celebrate the special persons big day. Full of games, challenges, laughs and smiles they'll be ready for cake by the end! The parties are fully instructed and can cater for all abilities. 

1 hour parties including shoe hire. 

Kids Climbig


Annual Membership £30 pm for 12 months

1 Months Membership £37 one-off payment

Whether you climb competitively, for fitness, fun, or the social, Wild Lakes membership offers UNLIMITED access to an engaging space. 


Members can enjoy:​

  • 5% off all hot drinks 

  • Introduce a friend - discount code for 1 friend a month to enjoy a session for £4.50. 

  • Discount on selected events run by Wild Lakes

Progression Sessios

Progression Sessions (18+)

Progress your climbing over this 6 consecutive week course with our instructors.

A structured course, working with you to develop your current skill set further. The instructors will work with you on any areas you currently view as a weakness in your climbing. 


£90 for 6 x 1.5 hour sessions on Saturdays.

Bulk Buy Packages

Save Money and climb more with our bulk buys!

10 sessions 18+ - £91

10 sessions U18 - £73

For individual use only-Valid for 1 year from date of purchase. 


Please visit our FAQ page for any queries about your visit. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, feel free to get in touch.

Socials / Events


Check out our 'what's on' page for dates!

Ladies Socials

Save the date and make it a date night with the girls. These nights are great for climbing with friends and making new ones, enjoying a tea on the house and having an excuse for a girls night out....on the town wall!


Friendly Fridays

We're so keen to get you all into climbing that you can bring a friend (who hasn't been before) for FREE on a Friendly Friday evening! Head to our booking system add you and your friend and add the discount code 'FRIENDS'!


Winter League

Dates for 2025 coming soon!!!

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