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Let the kids find their Wild  


Little Rockers

Every Saturday at 10:00am

 Our 'Little Rockers' sessions are open to all 3-6 year olds who wish to explore and enjoy the fascinating world of bouldering. Let their imagination run wild, with all of the colours, textures and shapes to be found on the wall.

1:1 adult supervision on the mat required at all times. 

Only £5


Little Captain

A FREE activity at Wild Lakes for under 7's to enjoy!

Let the kids explore our sunken yacht...

Whether they are a captain, pirate, coastguard or sailing nomad.

There's hours of fun to be had -

How will they board their sailing yacht?

What birds might they see through fly by with messages from afar?

Fingers crossed they find their sea legs and don't get sea sick!



Little Biker

A FREE activity at Wild Lakes for all the family to enjoy.

Our purpose built pump track is great for the kids to master their bike skills. 

They'll be whizzing around so quickly you'll probably get dizzy. 

Pump tracks are a fantastic way for anyone to work on their balance and co-ordination. 

Bike / helmet hire not available - helmets highly recommended.


They sailed the seven seas to find lands of new.  With pump tracks and bouldering barns to be found, they knew the adventure would be rewarding.
They worked through the knots, donned their Captains cap and became a sea captain for the day.
Being Captain for (what felt like a lifetime) gave them the courage, speed and balance to whiz around the pump track on their blazing bike.
Ultimately, they knew they were cream-crackered but there was one last challenge they knew they must complete before taking off their Captains Cap.....climbing to the top of the bouldering barn. The tall, lofty walls of the bouldering barn though shiny and new had been their arch-nemesis for as long as they could remember (given that they are 3-6 years old, not that long in the grand scheme of things). 
Their 3 wise dogs (Bryn, Dewi and Jonah) were by their sides through thick and thin - mainly they helped them drink their hot chocolates and eat their cake, but their cuddles were the best. They kept them warm on wintry days and fanned them with their tails in the sweltering Pembrokeshire Sun. 

They felt proud-as-punch by the end of the day, having made so many friends (bugs, human & canine) on their adventures.  They still didn't know how Gran can walk on water with a cup of tea, but Grans are strange and wondrous people.  With that thought they headed home, full of smiles and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Wild Lakes



Story time...

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